Welcome New All Stars Students
Small Group Today 1:20-2:00
Regular Fee for Winter Retreat Starts Today

All Stars Winter Retreat
Retreat Theme: Freedom (John 8:32)
12/22-24 at Northbay Adventure (North East, MD)Forms and What to Bring can be found at allstarskcpc.org/forms
Regular registration fee ($125) is until 12/18 (Sun)

12/25 All Family Christmas Service at the Main Sanctuary. No All Stars service but a joint service with our family led by our youth ministries 

12/31 All Family New Years’ Eve Service at 10:30PM at the Main Sanctuary. 

Saturday Morning Prayer (every Saturday) @ Word Chapel 8-9AM. Breakfast is provided
Study Groups (every Tuesdays) 3-7PM at Blessing Cafe. Come study together!
Announcements - check out allstarskcpc.org Instagram (kcpcallstars)
Questions & Comments - if you have any questions or comments please go to allstarskcpc.org/question