December 18,2016

Welcome New All Stars Students

Small Group Today 1:20-2:00

.All Family Christmas Service (10AM & 12PM) - Invite your non-Christian friends and family

All Family New Years’ Eve Service 10PM-12AM

Winter Retreat

  • 12/22 - Check in is at 10AM. 

  • We have four shirts you can select. If you would like to buy more, it’ll be $20 to raise funds for our missions.

  • 12/24 - We will be arriving back at 3PM. 

  • What to bring:

    • •       Bible

      •       Pen or Pencil

      •       Sleeping Bag/ Pillow

                        Please have a label of some sort on the sleeping bag, students tend to switch them

                        given we have over 120 of them

      •       Toiletries - Shampoo, Soap, Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste

      •       Towels

      •       Shower Shoes/Flip Flops

      •       Water bottle (labeled with your name) 

      •       Warm Clothing for Adventure activities

      •       Sneakers

      •       Medication (allergies, etc.)

      •       Flash Light (optional)

      •       Digital Camera (optional)

There is a Anchor after service in Rm#22117

Last day to sign up for retreat today. Please sign up and join us!

No SMP This Saturday because of Retreat

Study Groups (every Tuesdays) 3-7PM at Blessing Cafe. Come study together!

Announcements - check out Instagram (kcpcallstars)

Questions & Comments - if you have any questions or comments please go to