Hey, All Stars! Here are this week's announcements: 

  1. 4/17 - Picnic Sunday! Invite a non-Christian friend!
  2. 4/17 & 4/28 - No small group.
  3. If you have any comments or questions, please submit them at www.allstarskcpc.org/questions
  4. If you have any prayer requests, please fill out our prayer card or at www.allstarskcpc.org/prayer
  5. Follow us on Instagram (@kcpcallstars)

Please pray for Davy, who is in Uganda for missions.
If anyone want to read Davy's blog here's the link:


There is also an "About" page for Davy that you can get to by clicking "About" in the menu bar, scrolling down to Staff, and clicking on Davy's picture.

Have an amazing week, all!